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(2) 電話による利用者からのお問い合わせや当社からのご連絡等の際、内容の正確な記録、内容の再確認および電話応対の品質向上への活用のために、通話内容を録音させていただく場合があります。

(3) 当社では、防犯上、撮影をしている事業所がございますが、該当する事業所で取得した当該映像は、防犯に関わる場合を除き、それらと個人を特定させる情報をリンクさせることは一切ございません。


“doda New Graduates Recruitment Agent” Privacy Policy is as follows:

(1) Personal information collected from user, information provided from user to potential employer and selection procedure (referred to as “Personal Information”) will only be used in the following purposes.

  • Providing appropriate information on job offers.
  • Providing information to potential employer in order to achieve the goals of a.
  • Providing services accompanying our main service.
  • Delivering informational e-mails and mail magazines accompanying our main service.
  • Gathering information about user status and results of our service.
  • Gathering opinions and suggestions for the improvement of our service.
  • To notify our services, surveys and other campaigns.
  • Improving the usability of our website and market research to improve the quality of our service.
  • Supporting and making advices to the recruitment of potential employers.
  • Delivering and displaying advertisements and other contents based on attribute information, usage history, and device information and delivering advertisements on websites of other companies.
  • Making analysis for providing appropriate job offers.
  • Providing information to Intelligence, Ltd. in order to make analysis and notices on education and employment.

(2) When we receive calls from our users and we make calls to our users, the content may be recorded for an accurate record, reconfirmation and improving our customer services.

(3) For security reasons, some of our branches have CCTV operating, however, we will not link the image gathered with individuals, except for security reasons.

Please read the contents of the link below before registering with our service.
“doda New Graduates Recruitment Agent Terms of Use” and “doda New Graduates Recruitment Agent Privacy Policy”